Welcome to Alimatic


At Alimatic AAS we know that only with high skilled professionals can we satisfy the demands of all our clients. Because every client is important to us, we try harder every day to provide an effective service. That’s why every professional in our organisation shares the same idea: to offer a personalised service and provide the best solution for every enquiry.


Alimatic AAS is an aluminium fabrication company , we offer a vast range of aluminium products, with our team of fully trained Fabricators and installers which are strategically placed throughout the UK, we can offer an unrivalled service.


Our commitment to service has led to a steady growth with many major contractors now making Alimatic their first choice when confronted with any type of aluminium installation, whether it be a domestic house or a large building with curtain walling windows and automatic doors. We take pride in being able to guarantee both a quality product and technical expertise to all of our customers.