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    Automatic Doors

    Automatic Doors

    Automatic doors offer a welcoming, contact free entrance without obstructions. Convenient, functional and aesthetically pleasing, automatic doors optimise pedestrian flow and offer excellent thermal insulation whilst helping to create a safe and comfortable environment.

    Whether visitors are carrying luggage or shopping bags, holding the hand of a child or in a wheelchair, visitors cannot help but appreciate the convenience and independance offered by automatic doors. Suitable for internal and external applications such as offices, retail, shopfronts, hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities.

    • checkElegant construction and design, combined with up to date control elements and technology ensures a basis for safe, convenient and reliable access. The range of automatic door systems include automatic sliding automatic folding, automatic swinging doors and automatic circular sliding doors together with manual or automatic revolving doors.
    • checkAll our engineers and installers are fully BS7036 Certified.

    Product Range

    Our product range includes automatic swing doors, sliding doors, folding doors and aluminium shopfront systems.

    Automatic Swing Doors

    Automatic Swing doors can be set up in a variety of ways including fully automatic, low energy and push & go, and can be fitted with emergency battery back-up and break out. Our Automatic swing operators can be fitted to single or double swing doors, both of which can be manufactured in house.

    We offer a choice of activation to complement the range including:

    • Radar activation
    • Push Pad activation
    • Push Button activation
    • Remote Fob activation
    • Access Control

    Automatic Sliding Doors

    Sliding automatic doors are by far the most popular and widely used automatic door system available in either:

    • Single sliding
    • Bi-part sliding
    • Telescopic sliding

    All Alimatic’s Automatic sliding door operators are supplied with an battery back up system which will ensure the doors open in the event of power failure or fire alarm activation.

    STII aluminium hinged door from Sapa

    Aluminium Hinged Door

    The SAPA Stormframe STII High Traffic Aluminium Door, provides the ideal solution for a wide range of commercial applications. Offering high levels of thermal insulation, Stormframe STII can achieve a U value of 1.8 W/m²k for doors without midrails and 1.9 W/m²k for doors with midrails (depending on size and glazing specification).

    This low U value can help building designers to achieve their Target Emissions Rate (TER) by being offset against the allowable U value of 3.5 W/m²k for high traffic doors when calculating the Building Emissions Rate (BER)

    Reasons to Buy

    Tested to the relative clauses within “PAS24: 2012” and “2010 Equality Act Compliant”, Stormframe STII is the ideal choice for any project. Each hardware option is specifically designed to fit easily within frame and door profiles including:

    • Multi-point lock with lever/lever handles
    • Electromagnetic locks
    • Panic exit devices
    • Single point locks
    • Electric strikes

    The Stormframe STII door is designed to be used with the Dualframe Si Window system and Elegance 52 Curtain Walling, allowing seamless integration of
    multiple systems within your projects.

    Specification for Single & Double doors

    • Maximum Sash size: Centre Pivot – 1100mm (w) x 3000mm (h) or Rebated – 1300mm (w) x 3000mm (h)
    • Minimum Sash size: Centre Pivot – 400mm (w) x 1950mm (h) or Rebated – 300mm (w) x 1950mm (h)
    • Maximum Weight: 100kg for centre pivot or 140kg for hinged rebated doors

    202 hinged aluminium door system from Sapa

    202 (Non Thermally Broken)

    Aluminium Hinged Door

    The Sapa 202 Non-thermally Broken Commercial Entrance Door and Framing range includes an aluminium non-thermally broken door and non-thermally broken framing.

    Suitable for installation in new build or replacement projects in commercial or public buildings, the 202 Door can be constructed to form aluminium single or double doors to be inserted directly into masonry, side frames or curtain walling.

    Reasons to Buy

    • Choice – The 202 Door comes with a choice of pivot (with anti-finger trap stile option) or rebated doors, and can be installed with a BS8300 bottom rail adaptor, Part M compliant drained threshold and up to 32mm glazing.
    • Dual colour capability – can incorporate differing finishes internally and externally.
    • Finishes – A wide range of polyester powder coat finishes is available to BS EN 12206:1 2004. Anodised finishes are to BS 3987 Grade AA25 etch silver with a range of special anodised finishes on application.
    • Integrated design – Can be used alongside other products from the Sapa range including Dualframe and Elegance 52 curtain walling.
    • Ease of maintenance – The design of the 202 system ensures that cleaning and other maintenance can be carried out easily.

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