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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows for your home


First of all Aluminium windows enhance any property, offering a timeless look with sleek and modern design. Alimatic’s range of quality windows consequently offers substantial benefits to your home, both in terms of look and functionality.

As a result becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who therefor want an attractive, energy efficient Aluminium window that requires very little maintenance and that has a long lifespan.

Peace of mind


Offering customers peace of mind with enhanced security, improved insulation, reduced maintenance and greater comfort all while retaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Due to the polyester powder-coated finish of the frames, which are available in a variety of RAL colours to compliment your home, we offer a 25 year colour guarantee. As with all of our windows, our aluminium range come with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

Aesthetically pleasing


Our range of aluminium windows offer a fantastic choice of exceptional quality windows providing an attractive slim and clean appearance, from traditional to modern and contemporary styles.

Aesthetically, aluminium is an excellent choice. There are no unsightly welded joints that you get with uPVC, and unlike timber, aluminium will never rot and there is no need to repaint the frames year after year. You can have a choice of literally hundreds of colours and finishes, and the option to have a different colour inside and out.



Today’s aluminium windows are at the pinnacle of architectural glazing solutions. The inherent strength of the frame material allows the frame to be ultra slim up to 50% slimmer than uPVC or timber alternatives and also means you can design significantly larger glass areas, with no compromise on security or thermal efficiency due to the robust quality of the aluminium material.

Available in 100’s of colours


Whether you are looking for aluminium windows in our stock white , black or grey, or aluminium frames that feature a RAL colour that you like. Maybe you would prefer white on the interior with grey on the exterior. Alimatic will be able to customise your aluminium window to your choice.

Window styles available

Top Hung


Side Hung

Tilt & Turn

Georgian Bar

Aluminium windows can incorporate Georgian bars which are strips that run through internal spacer of the glazing, giving the effect of smaller panes of glass within the larger window.

Bay Windows

A bay window can add much more light and space to your room. Light can enter the room from your bay window from different angles, maximising the daylight.

Side Hung

Side hung windows open out from the left or right hand side of the window frame. Side hung windows are available with single and double openers, depending on the width of the opening.

Curved Aluminium Windows

Aluminium curved or arch windows are manufactured by using bending machines to accurately produce the curved and arches, these include circles, and angles windows.

We sell to the TRADE!

Trade customers will receive a discounted price. Please get in touch for a trade account.

Steel Replacement windows

Steel  Replacement Windows Are ideal for both new build and renovation projects.

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    Building Regulation


    Building Regulations on Windows & Doors


    Most of the time permitted development applies to windows and doors and no planning is required, However all window and door installations come under Building regulations.


    Building Regulations


    Since 1 April 2002 building regulations have applied to all replacement glazing. The regulations apply to thermal performance and other areas such as safety, air supply, means of escape and ventilation. An external window or door is a “controlled fitting” under the Building Regulations and as a result of this classification these Regulations set out certain standards to be met when such a window or door is replaced. You could use an installer registered with the relevant competent person scheme. A registered installer will be approved to carry out the work to comply with building regulations without involving local authority building control. When work is complete you will receive a certificate showing the work was done by a registered installer.


    Thermal Heat Loss 


    Dwellings are required to be energy efficient. A method of achieving greater energy efficiency is to take steps to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through the glazing in both windows and doors. If you are to install windows and doors you should be aware that they need to comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations in relation to the amount of heat that can pass through the glass and framework, which is measured as a U-Value. This U-value should not be exceeded.


    Safety Glazing


    Safety glazing should be provided to any glass in a critical area.  Below is a list giving general view as to when safety glazing is required: Any glazed area within a window below 800mm from floor level, Any glazed area within a window that is 300mm or less from a door and up to 1500mm from floor level, Within any glazed door up to 1500mm from floor level.




    Windows and doors provide ventilation to rooms within a dwelling and rules apply to how much ventilation. The type and extent of ventilation will be dependent on the use and size of the room.  For example, rooms where steam will be produced (kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms etc) should be provided with higher levels of ventilation (normally mechanical fans and windows) than other rooms where suitably sized window openings and background (“trickle”) ventilators may suffice.


    Fire Safety 


    There are two aspects to be considered: Fire spread between properties through “unprotected areas”, and means of escape in case of fire. Unprotected areas – External doors and windows may need to have fire resistance and (in the case of doors) be self-closing or (in the case of windows) be fixed shut to limit the risk of fire spread between adjacent properties. The area of walls, doors and windows permitted to have reduced or undetermined fire resistance (known as “unprotected areas”) will be dependent on how close these elements are to the boundary. Means of escape – When replacing any window, the opening should be sized to provide at least the same potential for escape as the window it replaces.


    Access To Buildings 


    When replacing main entrance doors in a dwelling unit that has been constructed since 1999, it is important to ensure that the threshold remains level otherwise the works will not comply with the Building Regulations as it would be making the threshold worse than it was when constructed. This is to enable people, including those with disabilities, to have continued access to the dwelling.

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