Aluminium Curtain Walling

Alimatic Architectural complete Aluminum Curtain Walling Suite successfully balances the aesthetic requirements of architects with the functional needs of contractors and occupiers thereby simplifying specification, fabrication and installation to ensure the highest quality and cost efficiency.

With wide ranging designs, the durable aluminium curtain wall frame can be in filled with glass, giving an elegant, consistent look while allowing natural light to flood into a building. A full range of Aluminium Windows and doors can be integrated within the Curtain walling.

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Key features:

  • check_circleAluminium Curtain walling offers Excellent thermal performance achieving low U values.
  • check_circleSlim, constant sight lines for both the mullion and transom give a uniform appearance across the suite.
  • check_circleHigh quality components for long-term durability.
  • check_circleCurtain walling offers a Full compatibility with our range of window and door systems, including the integration of our anti-finger trap stile.
  • check_circleA choice of box sizes for the structural members allows flexibility of design whilst ensuring that cost efficiency is achieved.
  • check_circleglazing, including vision glass, spandrel panels or insulated panel types can be used in a variety of thicknesses.
  • check_circleSuitable for sloped and roof glazing as well as low and high rise facades

Aluminium Curtain Walling

MX 52

GEODE MX 52 curtain walling successfully combines the creative and visual demands of architects and the functional needs of contractors, developers, and occupiers. By simplifying the technical aspects, manufacturing, and the installation process ensuring high quality, convenience, and cost-efficiency.

High performance

Curtain walling visible grid

Ucw = 1.4 W/m²K. with Ug = 1.1 W/m²K. (Grid aspect)

Air permeability (Class A4)R7 / PASS under pressure and depression 1600 Pa and 2400 Pa (sudden pressure)

Ucw = 1.5W/m²K with Ug = 1.1W/m²K (Beaded glazing)


Elegance 52 is a comprehensive aluminium curtain wall system that combines technology and design with the demands of contemporary building architecture and construction. By using a 52mm aluminium substructure width a slim sightline is provided alongside necessary strength and inertia requirements.

With it’s proven history for performance and thermal insulation. This thermally broken curtain wall system offers many design options by the use of different designed mullions and cover caps.

Aluminium curtain walling offers you solutions for vertical, sloped and roof applications and can also provide facetted facade solutions.

Solutions range from cold single glazing to high performance meeting the requirements of Passive House certification from iFT Rosenheim.

How To Calculate The Weight Of Glass

Large double glazed sealed units can be quite heavy and triple glazed sealed units are almost 50% heavier so it can sometimes be useful to know how heavy your glass will be before deciding on the correct type of glass to order.

As a rule of thumb a square metre of glass weighs 5kg per 2mm in thickness so standard 4mm glass will weigh 10kg for a square metre size piece of glass.

Double glazed sealed units have twice the amount of glass and once you add the additional spacer bar and sealant, this takes the weight of a square metre of double glazed glass (using 4mm glass) up to around 22kg.

It is worth remembering that these are the weights of plain sealed units and do not take into account the extra weight added to the glass by lead strip, bevels or other decorative materials such as fused glass tiles. The above examples are calculated using the most commonly requested glass – 4mm glass. Here are the weights of other single sheet glass…..

Glass thickness – Weight (m2)

4mm – 10 kg
6mm – 15 kg
8mm – 20 kg
10mm – 25 kg
12mm – 30 kg

Alimatic – E52 Curtain Walling

Alimatic- Sapa Elegance 52 ST

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